The Wine Saver Review

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DSC00241The Wine Saver is a very useful gadget for a family like ours. My husband and I like to have a glass of wine with our dinner but we never finish the bottle. The wine becomes stale after a few days so the Vacuum Wine Pump Preserver comes very handy to avoid this problem.

DSC00245The Wine Saver package includes two stoppers which are very well made.

DSC00242The instructions on the package are simple and clear. The stopper fits perfectly to any of the wine bottles we tried.

DSC00247My husband places the stopper on top of the bottle, then puts the pump on top of the stopper and pumps the air from the wine bottle. It usually takes 5-7 times to get the stopper to secure the bottle tightly.

DSC00246We took 2 open bottles of wine: one with a regular cork, the other with the wine saver stopper and put them both in refrigerator. After three days we tried the wine from both bottles. We definitely could taste the difference. The wine with The Wine Saver tasted very fresh as if we just opened a new bottle. The wine with the regular cork tasted fine but we could definitely tell that the bottle was open few days ago.

DSC00248We even laid the bottle of wine with the wine saver in the refrigerator and it holds the wine securely.

My husband also tried the wine saver on the bottle of soda and it works great. No more stale soda for us! We are also saving money in a long run.

I received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts reflected in this review are 100% mine.

We’ll definitely continue using the Wine Saver. It would also make a nice and useful gift for anyone who enjoys wine.


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