The Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press Review

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DSC00230It’s very well known that garlic is good for you. I try to add it to as many dishes as I can. The problem is I don’t like to deal with the garlic smell and the preparations. Peeling those garlic cloves, anyone?  So I’ve decided to try the Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press to see if it helps to cut on time and efforts.

DSC00233In the garlic press I used before I could only put one or two small cloves into chamber. In the Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press  I put two large cloves with no problem and they were easily crushed with minimum pressure. The Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press is very well made from stainless steel. I also like the rubber handles, they are non-slip, very comfortable to hold and are very easy to work with. I didn’t need to ask my husband to help me to press the handles; I did it myself very easily.

DSC00235The crushed pieces are very small and clean, there is no any uncrushed pieces.

Another aspect that I like very much that the Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press is very easy to clean. I don’t have to spend time trying to get small pieces of garlic which are stuck in the chamber like I used to do with my old garlic press.  I just rinsed it under the water and all pieces came off easily. Saved me so much time and efforts!

DSC00232I used to dread peeling each garlic clove but with the Silicone Tube Peeler that came with this garlic pressi t is very easy to do. I put few cloves inside the peeler and just roll them back and forth a couple of times. The peels come off easily and I have clean garlic cloves ready to be pressed. I love the fact that I practically do not have to touch the garlic except when I put the cloves in the press chamber.

The Garlic Press is packaged very nice. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring it as a small hostess gift. I received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I was neither paid nor sponsored for my opinions and all thoughts reflected in this review are 100% mine.

Overall I’m very impressed with the quality and the design of the Kitchen & Style Professional Garlic Press. I know I’ll be using it in my kitchen on a regular basis. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use garlic in their dishes with minimum efforts and great results.

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