The Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel Review

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Finally found a convenient substitute for a cooling fan!

DSC00229I got the Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel for myself because I am very sensitive to the heat and need something to cool me off anytime the temperature is rising.  When I took the Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel out of the tube I was surprised because it feels nothing like the ordinary towel.

DSC00228It felt a little “rubbery” at first but the material is very soft, nice to the touch and is very light.  I soaked the Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel in the water for 15-20 seconds and then wringed it out. The towel absorbs water really well. When I had it around my neck my clothes did not get wet at all. It feels very refreshing and really cools me off.

DSC00226I like the size of the towel, it’s small enough to fit the tube but it’s large enough to fold in half and put around the neck to feel refreshed.

DSC00225I absolutely love that the towel comes with its own hard plastic case. I don’t have to look for something to carry a wet towel in. It is very convenient; after I use it I put the towel back in the tube and throw it in the bag and nothing gets wet. When the towel starts to dry out the material becomes a little stiff but all I need to do is to soak it in water and I can use it again right away.

I  received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I know I’ll be using the Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel regularly during hot summer months to keep myself cool. I’m buying another one for my daughter who tried it too and liked it so much that she wants one for herself to use in a gym.


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