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When I received Crest HD Pro-Health Daily 2 Step System I was skeptical. Two steps? In the morning rush when I need to get out of the door FAST? You have to be joking!

Well, until I tried it. I’ve decided to give this system a try for a week and see how I’d feel about the product then.

The results after using Crest HD Pro-Health Daily 2 step System:

–             It was easy to incorporate 2 steps in my morning routine and it took 2 minutes of my time.

–        DSC00090     I like that 2 ingredients are marked Step 1 and Step 2. It might sound silly (after all there are only 2 tubes) but when you rush in the morning you don’t want to guess which one you have to use first. Trust me on this

–         DSC00091    I actually liked the smell and the taste of a Step 1 Purifying Cleanser that uses Stannous Fluoride to strip away plaque.  It has a nice touch of mint, blue/green color and a consistency of a regular toothpaste.  You do not rinse after you brush your teeth for 1 minute, you spit.

–           DSC00093  Step 2- a Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel- is a clear substance with a very fresh smell. It is supposed to polish and whiten your teeth. Brushed for 1 minute, then spit and rinsed.

DSC00089The whole process in the morning took almost the same amount of time I usually spend in the morning brushing my teeth but the feeling of freshness and cleanness AFTER was quite impressive.

I will definitely continue to use Crest HD Pro-Health Daily 2 Step System in a place of my regular toothpaste. If I can get double benefits in the same amount of time I’m all for it!

I’ve tried Crest HD Pro-Health Daily 2 step System for free but all opinions 100% mine.

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