Review of Wine Opener Set 4 Accessories Essentials with Luxury Box

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My first reaction when I received this wine accessories set was “Wow!” The set is very well made; the box itself with its golden logo Plaisir de la Cave displayed on the cover looks very sophisticated and luxurious enough to be displayed with any wine collection.


I like that this wine set contains pretty much all accessories that I need to open the bottle of wine in one package.


The Automatic Wine Bottle Opener is very easy to pull up and down, it slides into the cork and pulls it off  with little effort. I like that I don’t have to use a lot of strength to use it so I can open a bottle of wine without asking anyone for help.


For some reason I always have trouble opening the bottle of wine with foil. It gets very messy when I try to peel off the foil piece by piece. The Foil Cutter which is also included in this wine set comes very handy and makes taking off the foil a breeze.Wine gift set 032

I didn’t believe before that such a small accessory like the Wine Aerator Decanter can make a difference in wine taste. This gadget makes wine aroma come to life and the wine definitely tastes better. It also makes the wine easier to pour and I don’t have to worry about spilling it.Wine gift set 038

We usually do not finish the bottle of wine so the Vacuum Silicone Wine Stopper is a very useful accessory. It keeps the bottle tightly closed so I don’t have to worry about my wine going bad. I also like that the stopper is easy to get off the bottle when we are ready to drink the rest of the wine.


I like that this set comes with the printed User manual with detailed step-by-step illustrated instructions how to properly use the accessories in the set. It comes very handy especially for someone who might not know what each accessory should be used for. I even like that the box has a magnetic closure which makes it so easy to reach the wine gadget I need.

The details like this show me that the company pays attention to every aspect of their product to make sure that it’s consumer-friendly. This wine set also comes with 1 year warranty which shows that the company stands by its product.

I keep the box with all the accessories displayed with my wine collection.  I’m also going to put it on the table when the next time I’m entertaining guests in my house. Yes, the box, the packaging and all the accessories look that good.

The Wine Opener Set 4 Accessories Essentials with Luxury Box by Plaisir de la Cave makes an excellent and sophisticated gift for anyone who likes wine. It would also make a great house warming gift.  The recipient of your gift would definitely think that you spent a lot more money on this set.

I am very impressed with this wine set and would highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good bottle of wine. I received this product complimentary but all opinions are 100% mine.

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