Review of Valentina Paris Handpainted Wine Glasses

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DSC00360Good wine tastes even better when it is served in a beautiful wine glass. The Valentina Paris handpainted wine glasses are stunning. The pictures don’t do the justice to the real items.

DSC00350The glasses come extremely well packaged and secure even for the fragile items. When I took them out of the box I was amazed how large the glasses are. It definitely makes them stand out on a table. Each of them has a classic wine glass shape but what make each glass interesting are the handpainted details.

DSC00351I absolutely love that each glass’s artwork is different and makes each Valentina Paris’ wine glass quite unique.

DSC00359The colors are smooth and mesmerizing; each color masterfully interlocks with another and creates a unique combination of colors.

DSC00353The glasses are very well made. In spite of the size each glass is not heavy; they are very comfortable to hold.  I like that the base of the glass is wide enough to keep the glass steady on the surface.

DSC00354When I poured the white wine I tilted the glass a little. The colors painted on the glass reflected in the wine and created a unique color range.  I hold the Valentina Paris glass to the light and the colors looked clear and absolutely gorgeous.

DSC00357The Valenitina Paris handpainted glasses would make an excellent gift to a wine enthusiast or a lovely present to a couple.  They also make a great housewarming  gift.  I received this product at the discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.



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