Review of the Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones

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DSC00309I needed a new set of wireless headphones for a while now and I think I found exactly what I was looking for in the Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones.

The feature I like the most is a great reception range. I can walk around the house with my headphones on and still get a clear sound. I don’t have to sit directly in front of transmitter to get the sound and loose it every time I get up and move. This is a huge advantage to me as opposed to my old headphones. The sound is crystal clear with no interference even if I ‘m in another room.

I like the versatility of the device. I use the Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones with my TV, IPod and my Smartphone. I like that there is no confusing wiring; the set up literally took me minutes.

I also like that I can preset the volume level and don’t bother to adjust the volume every time I put my headphones on.

DSC00310The ear pieces padding is very soft, the headphones are very comfortable to have on.I also like the automatic switch off function which puts the headphones in the Stand-By Mode if there is no signal for 5 minutes. It’s a great power saving feature.

DSC00311I appreciate that the Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones come with different types of cables (RCA, Direct Line-in) to accommodate different types of devices and also with AA batteries. It shows to me that the company thinks about every little detail to make the installation and the use of the Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones as easy as possible.

DSC00312The Rif6 Digital Wireless Headphones set is compact, doesn’t take a lot of space. The transmitter looks very slick and modern so the whole set even fits my room décor.

DSC00314I would recommend this product to anyone who wants quality headphones with a great clear sound. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions 100% mine.


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