Review of the 2 pack MEDca Shoe Strechers in Brown

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Did you ever purchase a pair of shoes that somehow fit at the store but fell tight when you try them again at home?

That is exactly what happened to me. I bought a pair of elegant low heel black shoes to wear to work. I swear when I tried them at the store they fit great. A week later I put them on and the left shoe felt really tight around the toes.

I was so upset because I really liked these shoes and didn’t want to return them to the store. I went to the shoe repair place. They said they could put the shoes on a stretcher for a day or two and it would cost me $20. I wasn’t going to pay this much.

IMG_20160214_000138Right about the same time I received a pack of 2 MEDca Shoe Stretchers to try. Talk about a great timing! The shoe stretcher has 2 plastic pieces with the metal piece in the middle that can be adjusted to the desired width. They are pretty good quality for the price.

IMG_20160214_075249I took one stretcher, adjusted the metal piece to the width I needed and tucked it inside the shoe. I like that it is easy to put the piece inside the show and it doesn’t slide back and forth. I left the stretcher inside overnight. When I tried the shoe in the morning it felt roomier already but still wasn’t as comfortable as I would like so I left the stretcher in for 24 hours.

IMG_20160214_075913It really worked. My shoe didn’t feel tight anymore, I could move my toes because that part of the shoe was a little wider and overall the shoe felt very comfortable. I didn’t have to return the shoes and I saved money by stretching the shoe myself. Now I have a great pair of very comfortable shoes that I wear to work regularly. All thanks to this little gadget.  I received this product to try for free in exchange for my honest review. #shoestretcher


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