Review of SILVERGrade Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set

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I had a cocktail shaker before but it didn’t get much use because many times I ended up with a spilled mess after trying to make a drink. So when I got the SILVERGrade Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set I wasn’t sure if I can use it successfully.

I used to put away my old cocktail shaker after I made the drinks. This SILVERGrade Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set is really very well made and looks good enough to display it in the bar next to the bottles. Now I can make any drink I want with no fuss and look “very cool” when making drinks for my friends.


I know many people like to use a free pour while making their drinks. I prefer to follow the recipe precisely so I can get as close to the authentic drink as possible. So I really like that this cocktail set comes with a double jigger: one cup size measures 1 oz and the other side -1/2 oz. My recipe called for 2 and a half oz of alcohol so I just used the bigger part of the jigger to measure 1 oz twice, than just flipped the jigger and measured ½ oz. I really like the convenience of a double jigger.


I also like that the set comes with 2 pourers. I had two bottles of liquor and used the pourer for each one. I didn’t have to wash the pourer after using it with one bottle. The pourers fit very tight into the top of the bottle and make it so easy to pour the amount of alcohol I want to use for the cocktail without any spilling.


I really like that the shaker lid comes with the built-in strainer instead of a separate one. It is one less piece for me to use and clean. It’s very convenient and works great for keeping the fruits and ice pieces from getting into the drink. The strainer lid fits very well onto the shaker.




I didn’t experience any spills while shaking it vigorously for a good 10 seconds.



I made one of my favorite drinks: That’s Amore Cosmopolitan Martini

1 1/2 oz Vodka

1/2 oz Raspberry di Amore

1/2 oz Cranberry Juice

It turned out clear and delicious!


There are three drink recipes on the box which you can try right away if you have necessary ingredients at home. After you buy the set you’ll receive an e-mail with the pdf of the book contacting over 50 drinks recipes. I would prefer to get a real booklet but I printed the pdf and it’s nice to have the collection of drinks recipes handy.

The jigger and the shaker cup are stamped with a nice company logo. This attention to details makes the product look very professional and classy.

This SILVERGrade Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set would make a great gift to anyone who likes to entertain and wants to impress his/her guests with a well-made drinks. It also comes with 100% No Question Asked Lifetime Guarantee which shows that the SILVERGrade Company stands by its product 100 percent.

I really liked this cocktail set and I know it will be used in my home quite often. From now on it’s definitely “shaken” not “stirred” for me!

I received this product complimentary in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100 % mine.


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