Review of di Oro Living Stainless Steel Grater

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DSC00331I cook a lot and very often I need to grate some food when I’m preparing my dishes. I was looking for a new grater for my kitchen and came across the Grater by di Oro Living .

I like that this grater is lightweight and is the right size to get the job done. It’s not large to make the food preparation cumbersome and at the same time it’s not so small so you have to use it over and over until you grate enough for a dish you are making.

DSC00333It’s very easy to use. I don’t have to put a lot of pressure to get the job done. The handle is very comfortable to hold. I like that this Grater has a small foot piece on the bottom which makes it very stable when I’m using it, it stays in one place so the grater doesn’t slide back and forth.

DSC00332I used to have those 4-sided graters that took a lot of storage space, were bulky and difficult to store because of the shape. This grater is very easy to store. As a matter of fact it doesn’t take any space in my kitchen at all! There is a hole in the handle to hang the grater. I actually hung it on the rack with my other kitchen utensils. I don’t have to look throughout my cupboards wasting time trying to find my grater. It’s very convenient because now I have this kitchen gadget right at my fingertips to use whenever I need it.

It’s very well made of 18/8 Stainless Steel and actually looks great with my other kitchen utensils. I would never think that kitchen grater can become a part of the kitchen décor but it looks great!

I absolutely love that this grater comes with the safety cover! Now I don’t have to worry that someone will cut their fingers while picking up the grater. It’s a small thing but it’s very important form the safety standpoint.

DSC00334This grater by di Oro Living is very well-made. I used it to grate some cheese and vegetables. Every time I got exactly the amount of food I needed. As a matter of fact I think this grater is even saves me money. I have very little pieces of food left when I’m done grating it so I save money by not throwing away pieces of food.

I’m really impressed by the quality of this grater and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a good grater to their kitchen utensils. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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