PureSOL Konjac Sponge Review

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DSC00263I try to use natural products in our house and I’m always on lookup for products  that are made with natural ingredients.

DSC00265It is very important to me that the vegetable fiber which pureSOL Konjac Sponge is made of has no chemicals or preservatives. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and my face doesn’t turn red after using the sponge like with other products I’ve tried before.

DSC00264It is very small in a dry shape but after the soak it does expand large enough to hold it in hand comfortably. I can easily clean my face and I don’t need to use any additional face cloths to remove my makeup.

DSC00266I like that I have to use a very small amount of the face cleanser because this little pureSOL Konjac Sponge makes a lot of bubbles. It makes cleaning my face a breeze! I absolutely love that the sponge comes with a neat little hook to hang the sponge to dry. It’s one of those little things that show company’s attention to details and the sponge dries pretty fast too.

My skin feels very clean and fresh after using the pureSOL Konjac Sponge. This little sponge is now a part of my evening cleansing routine. I use it every night to remove my makeup and to clean my face. I received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts reflected in this review are 100% mine.

I would recommend this sponge to anyone who prefers to use natural products.

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