Organic Dried White Mulberries by Immortalitea Review

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DSC00177Diabetes runs in my family so I need to keep my sugar intake under control. I bought Organic Dried White Mulberries by Immortalitea because I always on a lookout for a natural source of sweetener.

DSC00180I don’t eat sugary cereals so I usually add something sweet to it to make it taste better.  When I added White Mulberries to my cereal I really liked it.  Each piece has a nice crunchy texture and goes great with the cereal flakes. The mulberries are sweet but not overpowering sweet. I used just a handful of dried pieces to make the cereal taste delicious. I did not need to add any other sweeteners to my bowl of cereal.

DSC00179I read on the package that Organic Dried White Mulberries can be added to the tea or other drinks. I wasn’t sure about this at first. Adding dried berries to my coffee? I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised.  It looked strange at first but my coffee tasted sweet enough that I did not need to add any sugar to enjoy it.

DSC00178The next day I took Organic Dried White Mulberries with me to work to eat as a snack. When I wanted to have something sweet I just had a handful of dried mulberries instead of grabbing a candy bar in the machine. I literally needed 7 or 8 pieces to satisfy my sweet cravings. It was also very convenient to carry on- the- go.

The bag is 10 oz and because I need so few pieces every time I use them in my food I feel that it will last me for a while. It means I’m saving money by not buying any other sweeteners.

Overall I absolutely love Organic Dried White Mulberries by Immotalitea. I recommend this product to anyone who wants or needs to watch their sugar intake for any reason.  I know that I will definitely buying this product in the future. I receive this product at a discounted price for review, all opinions are my own.


  • Stephanie says:

    Hmm I have never heard of dried mulberries! They look interesting! Thanks for reviewing.

  • Sheila Burgin says:

    I’m actually curious to the flavor of a mulberry..what do they resemble? I’ve never tasted one

    • Freebies Coupons Reviews says:

      I never tried them before either so it was a new taste for me. They are a little sweet, just enough so you don’t need to add any sweeteners. They don’t taste like any berries I had before but I really like them.

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