Clairol Expert Collection AgeDefy Hair Color. Influenster Box Review

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Mom’s review

Every month or so my hair gets some greys that I need to cover if I don’t want to look like an old lady. Here, I said it 🙂 I might do some root-touch ups at home from time to time with mixed results but when I need to color my hair all-over I usually go to the salon. It’s convenient but very expensive. So when I received this complimentary box of Clairol Expert Collection AgeDefy Medium Brown I’ve decided to give it a try.

Well, it was an interesting experience. I followed the instructions to make sure I did everything right.

DSC00087Thank you Clairol for labeling the ingredients with the numbers. It was extremely helpful to make sure I’m mixing the ingredients in the correct order.

I did a patch test first, then applied the Smoothing Pre-treatment (1) to dry hair.

The mixing of the color was super easy. I emptied Color Creme tube content (2a) into the Activating Creme bottle (2b), shook it well and applied to my hair.

I was a little surprised by the amount of time I had to leave the hair color on. 35 minutes? I expected the time to be 15 min. or so. Oh well, if you want good results you need to follow the instructions to the tee. So I did. I rinsed my hair with warm water and applied the Pantene Pro-V Color-Seal Conditioning Therapy (3), left on for 2 minutes and rinsed thoroughly.

I’m very pleased with the results: All my gray hair was covered, the hair color was a little darker that I usually wear but I actually liked it a lot. The hair felt soft and looked shiny. The whole process of coloring hair at home went smoothly and was quite easy to do myself.

I would recommend the Clairol AgeDefy Expert Collection Hair Color to anyone who wants to save money on the salon treatments and get great results at home. I know I did!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are 100% mine.

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