DripDrop hydration mix. A part of my “Must Have With Me All the Time” summer necessities.

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DSC00300 I drink a lot of water every day but plain water gets boring pretty fast. I like to add fruits to my water to add some flavor but I’m on the go the whole day so it makes it quite inconvenient to carry fresh fruits with me, to find the place to wash and cut them, etc. That’s where DripDrop® packets come handy. VERY handy. I just put 2-3 packets in my purse, get my water bottle and I’m good to go. This convenience factor is very important to me.

DSC00302I enjoyed the lemon flavor but I am a big berries fan so I liked the berry flavor the most. It has just a right touch of sweetness, not to sweet, not too bland. I like that each packet is measured and has just the right amount for the bottle of water.
I like that I can throw some packets in my work drawer so I always have them handy. It takes no space, it’s easy to use and it adds a lot of “zing’ to the plain water. The water tastes good so I ‘m drinking more of it on a daily basis.

The taste, the convenience, easy to use.. what’s not to love? I just bought another pack of DripDrops at CVS to have it handy In such a hot weather like we have this year DripDrops just became a part of my “Must Have With Me All the Time” summer necessities. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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