BzzAgent Weight Watchers Cereals Review

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Who didn’t hear about Weight Watchers?
You don’t? Come on! Pretty much everyone knows what Weight Watchers program is about. Especially when everyone and his brother talks about needing to loose weight. But do you know about program’s Points Plus value?

I wasn’t sure about it either so I’ve decided to do some online searching. I needed to understand how it works because I got a BzzAgent Weight Watchers Cereals to try for free thanks to MOM Brands, distributor of Weight Watchers® cereals.

DSC00086I received two boxes: Weight Watchers Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds and Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein.

DSC00145You see it’s not about counting calories (who has the time anyway?). It’s all about nutritional value. We all know that eating a piece of fruit is healthier for you than munching on a bag of chips. But how do you choose right food with the high nutrition values and rich in fiber and protein to keep you from feeling hungry? The Points Plus Program lets you choose what to eat as long as you stay within your allowed points for a day.  If you had that cup of hot chocolate you know that you have to eat something with lesser point value later in a day if you want to loose that 1 or 10 or 25 pounds ( but who’s counting?).Pretty easy.

I work full-time so I need to plan my day to keep up with work and family obligations. And I’m trying very hard to take care ore of my health. For me like for many people breakfast is a tough one. Many times I just grab something that I can eat on the-go but usually I’m hungry in an hour or two. I’m not on Weight Watchers but their cereals might just do the morning trick.

DSC00146The Oat Clusters with Cherries & Almonds cereal has grain oat clusters, sliced almonds and flakes of corn and wheat.

DSC00149It’s not too sweet but I really like that it has pieces of real cherries. It makes a big difference in taste and the cereal has only 3 Points Plus Value.

DSC00147The Weight Watchers Frosted Shredded Wheat with Protein cereal has delicious crispy biscuits with a touch of sweetness in each of them.

DSC00150What really makes this cereal a winner is that it has 40 g of whole grains per serving and is a good source of protein! After I had it for breakfast I really didn’t need my usual mid morning snack. I just wasn’t hungry!

Out of two cereals I really liked the one with the real cherries. It’s definitely a keeper for me which I plan to have as an option for my morning breakfast. I will from time to time have a bowl of Oat Clusters as well because I did like the crispiness and the texture of the pieces.

I would definitely recommend Weight Watchers cereals  to anyone who want a simple, easy to put together and balanced breakfast.

And not counting calories? COUNT ME IN!



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