BzzAgent Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ Trash Bags Review

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Let me ask you…When you talk about making your home an inviting and comfortable place what comes to your mind?
A bouquet of fresh flowers? A nice decorative pillow for the couch that brings a touch of color to the living room? Of course.

A trash bag? No way.

Well I never thought that I will be mentioning a trash bag as one of the things that make my home smell fresh. The Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ Trash Bags which I started using in my kitchen recently definitely made a difference. The Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ neutralise the odors and mask them with a wonderful smell of Gain and Feebreze.

When I put a new bag over my trash can the whole kitchen starts smelling clean and fresh.I feel like in that commercial when you take a deep breath to smell a fresh air in the room.

As for my husband… He now remembers to put a clean bag over the trash can after taking the trash out. Thanks to the Glad OdorShield® with Gain™ Trash Bags he doesn’t mind this household chore anymore. After all we are talking about a fresh and clean smelling TRASH BAG. 🙂

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